How to go Live using Browser

FBook Mastery  - How to go Live on Browser
If you really want to 'up' your Live game, you'll need to do it on a laptop or desktop computer right from your browser. There are a lot more options and controls that are available via the browser.

However, you may need to spend more time to get things ready before you can go Live on a computer.

Here are some handy tips before you begin:

  • If you are going Live on a desktop, you'll need to get an external camera and microphone as desktops usually don't have them built-in.
  • For laptops, it's best to test out your built-in camera and microphone beforehand for quality and lighting issues. It may be a good idea to get an external camera and microphone too as you can mount it in any angle that you deem best.
  • Ensure you have a strong and stable internet connection at all times. It's best if you are connected to your router with an ethernet cable instead of relying on WiFi.
  • Turn off all notification on your computer and close all other programs that are not in use. You wouldn't want your computer to freeze mid-way into your Live session!
  • Remember that preparation is key. Get all your materials and content ready beforehand.
  • It's best to have a back-up device in case your equipment fails you before or during your Live session.
  • Don't forget to promote your Live session to your fans and get the word out. Promote it so that you can build anticipation and awareness among your fans.
  • Use Chrome for best results.

Going Live from your Business Page

  1. Method 1 - Navigate to your Business Page on Chrome. Click on the Live icon.
    FBook Mastery - Go Live with browser

  2. Method 2 - Launch Creator Studio. Click on Create Post and select Go Live.
    FBook Mastery - Go Live with browser

  3. At the Live tab, all your controls are in 1 page.
    FBook Mastery - Go Live with browser

    A. Choose Use Camera
    B. Setup - select your camera & microphone.
    C. Turn on Share Live Tab on Page so your users can find your Live easily.
    D. Enter your title and description of your Live broadcast.
    F. Once you are ready, click on Go Live.

While it is really simple and easy to Go Live on Facebook, as a business owner or brand, you need to ensure that any Live video you produce should always represent your brand's image. 

Here are some tips that should consider:

Your description matters

Nothing's worse than a live stream where there's no description for your viewers and they have to guess what your video is all about. When you write a compelling description, you'll grab their attention and if there's no description or a badly worded one, there's a high chance that they'll keep scrolling on.
Let your viewers know why they should catch your live stream and what's in it for them. Give them a brief overview of what your video will be about.

Test, test & test

Before you go live, you need to ensure that your equipment is up to par and your internet connection is stable. 

Test your video. While you may not need professional lighting as you're starting out, you need to ensure there is adequate lighting so that your viewers can see you clearly. Most built-in cameras in laptops are quite hopeless, so it's best to get a separate webcam or use your phone (or a spare phone) as your main camera.
You should also avoid having a light source from your back or you will appear too dark on screen. Try moving to various locations to get the best lighting.

Test your video. Is your voice too soft? Too loud? Is there too much background noise? If you have the budget, a high quality separate microphone will do wonders for your live stream. But if you are just starting out, you may also try to use the built-in microphone on your earbuds. Try to avoid your laptop's built-in microphone as it's placed too far from your face and it tends to pick up a lot of background noises. 

Test your Live stream. Set your Facebook Live audience to Only Me to have an idea of how you look like on screen, Or share it with one or two close friends to get their feedback and practice all you want on them. 

It's about Engagement.

When people join in to your live stream, take some time to acknowledge them and responding to their comments. You should also use the Poll feature to ask your audience to vote so that you can garner feedback during your live stream and get them involved.

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