How to practise before going Live

FBook mastery - how to practise going live
So, you've been reading about how Live videos on Facebook are getting all the engagement and have even seen a few on your newsfeed. You're thinking of taking the plunge to start your very first Live broadcast but you can't get over 'stage fright' or in this case, 'Live fright'. There's actually a way for you to practise going Live WITHOUT going Live. Confused?

Here's a technique for you to get accustomed to the Live tool and create your 'test' broadcast for your own practise. You'll go through all the steps exactly as how you would go Live, the only difference is, only you will see it in your newsfeed and no one else.

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Isn't this a great way to rehearse and mess up in your own time without worrying about what people will say? If you're ready, here's how you can go about it.

First, click on Create Post in your personal profile and click on the ••• icon and ensure you have the Live Video option. Click on the Public tab at the bottom right area and click on More...

FBook Mastery - how to practise going live

You will see 2 other options such as Specific friends and Only me. Choose Only me so that your Live video can only be seen by you in your newsfeed.
FBook Mastery - how to practise going live

Then click on Live Video to go into the Live dashboard. Double check to make sure the Only me option is chosen under the Post section. On the right pane, choose Use Camera and change the settings if you desire.
FBook Mastery - how to practise going live

Once you are ready, then just click on Go Live and you'll be broadcasting to your own newsfeed that only you can view. The good thing about this method is you can practise to your heart's content using Facebook's platform and if you face any issues, you can find solutions without panicking.

Once you feel more confident, you can choose Specific friends and get their feedback on whether you are speaking clearly, your content is relevant, etc. When you fully ready to face the world, go ahead to your Business Page and start your Live video to wow the world!

Note: Do remember to set the Post setting back to Public or Friends otherwise whatever you post can only be seen by yourself.
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