Utilise FB Messenger for your Business Website

Facebook's Messenger is a really powerful tool that you should capitalise on especially if you have a business website as you can embed the entire chatbot and enable live chat.

Best of all, you can integrate it into your website and have it work instantly.

Here are the top six reasons why you should use FB Messenger in your website today!

1) Ease of use for users
The vast majority of your customers are already logged in to Facebook on a daily basis and the chat function is just a click or tap away. They don't even need to fill in their names, email, etc to chat with you in traditional set-ups. You will get a lot more engagement and customers don't need to feel like they need to give you too much information to even get started. Some customers might even intentionally give you a fake email with forms, so you lose the ability to follow up with them.
With FB Messenger, users will also expect faster responses, so you need to respond accordingly too.

2) Automate your answers
When you handle customer enquiries, you will find the vast majority ask almost the same thing most of the time. Why not build a FAQ inside your chatbot to answer their questions and save your time? Customers expect lightning-fast responses from businesses on Facebook. Chatbots can help you deliver the right answer the moment a customer asks. You should also provide a way users connect to a real human if the automated answers still do not satisfy their queries.

3) Facebook provides data to you
You can greet your customer with their first name even without asking them for it because Facebook provides the data based on their profile. You can even get their gender, time zone and language of their FB profile, so you can even switch to a different language to give support. Over time, you can get an accurate demographic of who are the people that engage with your site.

4) Track where they contact you
When your customer starts chatting with you on your website, you can save the information of the url. For example, if your customer was browsing the Products page you can tag him/her differently from those reading your About page. You can even tweak the information on your webpage depending on the feedback provided or questions asked.

5) Flexibility for You
The transition between live and not live, machine and human or desktop and mobile is really smooth. You customer will never notice a thing. The bot is asynchronous, which means that the answers are instant but the customer can type at anytime. You don't need to be there all the time. You could even out of office and chat on your mobile phone and once you are back in the office, you can pick up the conversation on your laptop without missing a beat.

6) Run Surveys
Engagements on Messenger tend to be quite high, so you could even use it to gauge your customer's preferences. Bear in mind that the feedback given is quite limited but you can still make great use of it and you may even turn non-buyers into buyers if done correctly. For example, you may reward the customer with a voucher to use after they have completed the survey and they may impulse buy.

FB Messenger is a very powerful platform that businesses of all sizes can make use if. It doesn't matter if you a small business owner or a multinational company, FB Messenger can work for you and it is very easy to implement. Did you also know that Facebook auto detects if you’re talking about date and time, so you can set up an appointment and FB automatically reminds the users an hour before? No need for you to send out reminders anymore.

So, take the time and learn how best FB Messenger can make managing your business chats a whole lot easier.
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