How to Use Creative Hub inside Facebook to create better Ads

Creative Hub is a platform designed for businesses to collaborate on ad mockups and learn and be inspired by what's creatively possible. You don't need any design skills or experience of Facebook advertising.

Creative Hub is for anyone who wants to build Facebook and Instagram ads that display well on both mobile devices and computers:

  • Creative agencies.
  • Internal creative teams of brands.
  • Creative teams at media agencies.
  • Small business owners who create their own ads.
  • Designers, copywriters, developers, media buyers, PRs, social media editors, freelancers... anyone who wants to communicate their ideas for ads and understand how ads will look before they buy them.
Anyone with a Facebook account can create mockups and share them using Creative Hub.

So how do you get started?

From your Business Manager or Ads Manager, click on the main menu and click on Creative Hub.

You will then be brought into the Creative Hub dashboard. Click on Get inspired to view what other brands are doing to achieve success.

You can choose from the list of filters on the left on the types of ads you want to build. All the major ad types are available to choose from.

You can read about what the brand did that worked for them and once you are ready to create your own ad, just click on Create Mockup to start creating your first mockup!

The best thing about creating mockups is you don't get charged at all unless you publish your mockup as an advertisement. You can spend as much time as you want to craft the perfect ad.

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