How to Create a 'Dark Post'

First of all, you can reach your Dark Post / Unpublished Post with this url:

Bookmark the url for future reference.

Congratulations! You've just 'discovered' a side of Facebook that most users are unaware of. Notice how the blue bar has just changed into a grey bar and there is no Newsfeed anymore. Don't worry, your Personal Profile is still safe. Just think of this as the business back-end of things.

Now, if you have only one Business Page, then just click on + Create Post. If you have a few business pages, make sure you select the dropdown menu for the page you want to create a Dark Post for.

You will then be presented with a pop-up window and you have a few options such as Link | Carousel | Photo | Video | Status.

In this example, We'll show you how to create a Link.
1. Enter the URL of your link
2. Create the text for your Post here.
3. Choose a Call-to-action button
4. Choose how you want to use this post.

One of the most powerful features of creating a Post this way it the ability to choose a CTA button. CTA buttons are very effective in increasing click-through rates among your users.

Now, once you are done creating your Post, we suggest to always choose Use this post for an ad... option. You can choose this even if you are NOT planning to run an ad and this also means if you decide to run an ad, you can still publish this post to your page at a later date once your ad gains social proof.

If you chose Only use this post for an ad, you cannot publish the post to your page and you will have to recreate the post if you want it to show on your page, losing all the engagement the ad might have picked up along the way.

Now, once you are ready, click on Create Post. Don't worry, it won't show up on your Page yet.

Well done, you have just created your first Dark Post / Unpublished Post!

If you want to preview your Post, click on the Post title and a pop-up will show a preview of how the post will look like.

Pro-tip: Unpublished posts are great if you have a team of writers and an Editor needs to give a final look before publishing it to your Page because all Posts created in this area are all unpublished by default.

Once you are ready to publish the Post, select it and then from the drop-down menu choose whether you want to Publish now, Schedule it for later, Delete it or Create Ad with the post.

While this may seem complicated initially, with practice and action, most Page admins will almost always use this method as it 'future-proofs' your Post and cuts down on error. How many times have you accidentally posted something on your Page that you meant to Schedule for later? :)

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