'Our Story' for Pages will be removed next month

FBook Mastery - Facebook our story will be removed next month

Seems like 'another day, another change' over at Facebook. The latest change (not the last, we believe) for Business Pages will be the removal of the 'Our Story' section.

Some page owners are beginning to see the following notification where the 'Our Story' section will be removed from the Page:
FBook Mastery - notification on Our Story removal

If you haven't seen it, look under the Notifications tab of your page in case you've missed it.

From the notice, Facebook is promoting Page owners to shift their 'Our Story' description to the 'Additional Information' section instead to keep connecting to your users.

Introduced back in 2017 as a way for brands to provide more information to their fans and followers alike as a way to better connect with them. To refresh your memory, here was how it looked like then:
FBook Mastery - about us panel

With the 'new' Facebook redesign, the 'Our Story' section goes under the 'About' section, making it look a little cluttered and confusing.
FBook Mastery - about

Facebook will be removing this form the main Page, and you are encouraged to insert the information into the Additional Information feature under your Page Info instead. So if you have crafted an engaging description that you don't want to be lost forever, make the edit now before the whole section gets removed.

If there are any new updates, we'll be sure to update this post.
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