Creator Studio app finally gets Post Creation!

FBook Mastery - Creator Studio app
Back in February, Facebook launched their Creator Studio app for mobile and it was great for creators on the go except for one issue. You couldn't create a new post from the app! You could create a new post from your Facebook Page and schedule them before you could move it around in the Creator Studio app which was really annoying.

However, Facebook has finally fixed this oversight and you can now create posts from the app itself. From the top right corner, you can tap on the Create Post icon and you'll be able to choose whether you want to create a Video, Photo or Text post. You can choose to save it as a draft, post it straight away or schedule it for later.
FBook Mastery - Creator Studio

This means even when you're out and about, you are able to create your content and schedule it easily, something that was quite complicated to do earlier. Additionally, you can also check your insights and respond to your fans' messages and comments from the app easily.

The new experience gives you:

  • Control: Always post as one of your Facebook Pages. With the Creator Studio app, you'll never worry that you've accidentally posted from your personal Facebook profile.
  • Convenience: Manage content in the same mobile app that features your insights and communication needs for all your Facebook Pages.
  • More features for video posts: Post videos with these options:
    • Video metadata fields: Add a title and description to your videos to give viewers more information about your content and entice them to watch.
    • Thumbnail selection: Upload a thumbnail from your mobile phone's library or use our thumbnail selector to pick one from the video you've uploaded
This new experience joins an already robust set of features, including:

  • Rich insights: Content performance metrics, such as one-minute views and avg. minutes viewed
  • Post-uploading edits and fixes: Edit video titles and descriptions; delete and reschedule posts; and publish drafts
  • Connect with audiences: Reach fans and followers in real time from anywhere with the ability to read and respond to Facebook messages and comments directly in the app
  • Multi-account support: Manage multiple Facebook Pages from the same app and in the same session
  • Notifications: Immediate in-app notifications for key milestones
FBook Mastery - Creator Studio app

The ability to create Facebook posts is one of many exciting updates planned for the Creator Studio app – the mobile complement to Creator Studio. Try it today by downloading it for iOS or Android.

Source: Facebook
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