Top 5 Mistakes Property Agents are Making on Facebook

FBook Mastery - Top 5 Mistakes Property Agents are Making on Facebook
FBook Mastery - Survival guide for Real Estate agents
Here's a scenario that happens often enough... you've just started on your Real Estate business and you're all gung-ho and ready to go. Like most people, you want to spread the word to as many people as you can, so you post regularly on your Facebook page, groups and your friend's walls and anywhere that allows you to share a post. You expect the enquiry and sales to come rolling in but the reality is you probably aren't seeing any returns that are worth all your time and effort. Some get frustrated and declare, "Facebook doesn't work!"

Here we have put up a list of the top 5 mistakes you are probably making on Facebook without realising it.

Fbook mastery - Too much info in post
Posts with too much info.

Most agents post EVERYTHING about the property in one post; how many square foot, bedrooms, bathrooms, pictures of every corner of the house, how far from the city centre, shops nearby, etc. They want to squeeze all the information into 1 post but you know what happens? Nothing. In marketing, you want to create interest in your audience, but how do you expect them to have any interest when you have shown all the facts? A better strategy would be to highlight 1-3 main highlights and when the property is available. This way, people who are intrigued to know more will direct message or call you and you can start to build up your name list.

Sharing an article without your own take on it.

You may find a great article online that's worth sharing but don't just copy and paste the link and post it. You should write a short description on why people should read it and what they will get from it or what action they should take. This gives you more engagement and also a chance for you to share your insights with your audience.

FBook Mastery - Not targeting properly
Not targeting your boost properly.

Don't be lazy and use the Boost Post button. Yes, DON'T use the Boost Post button. Use Ads Manager instead. Why? Because you will not be utilising the target audience function to its full potential. Think about the kind of audience you want to target for you post. Is it someone with a particular interest? Or someone staying in a certain location? Work on your target audience before you even spend any money so that you will get the best result. But don't get your target audience too specific or your ad may not run and the cost per click can get really high too!
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FBook Mastery - stop selling all the time
Stop selling all the time.

While your final objective is to sell some properties, you shouldn't be selling ALL the time. Some pages are guilty of this. Every post is just an opportunity to sell This is not going to get you more likes, more followers or more sales. It is pushy and can be annoying. Instead, focus on education and entertainment and not always about real estate. There may be a local community event you want to promote or tell them about a new restaurant in the area, get creative but do not SELL.

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FBook Mastery - Use video
Not using video.

We get it that no everyone is comfortable in front of a video camera. You probably find your own voice 'funny' and weird. But if you are serious about building your business, you need to get over it. Video posts get more engagement than photo posts, so you are losing out a lot by shying away. Stop making excuses and start making your own videos today. Don't expect to go all professional in the beginning, but work at improving it as you go along.

So, how many mistakes have you been guilty of making in your real estate business?

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