Most asked Questions by Real Estate Agents on Facebook Advertising

The real estate business has moved online, whether you are ready or not. It is no longer just about selling houses and properties. It's about building trust with your clients and making them feel that you are the person that can help them find the perfect property for their needs.

Just like the traditional way of spending on marketing materials such as flyers, buntings, banners and stickers, you need to allocate a budget for online marketing, specifically for Facebook Advertising. Many people assume that since Facebook is 'free', why do they need to pay for advertising since everyone can see what they've posted?

Here are some of the most often asked questions from real estate agents.

Question: Why do I need to pay for advertising on Facebook when it's free?

Answer: In a nutshell, Facebook works so well due to its simplicity to hook on new users but in reality, it is a very complex and sophisticated platform that business owners can utilise to reach out to their correct audience with the right knowledge and strategies.

At the heart of it all is Facebook's Algorithm, which filters through tons of data and tries to figure out what to show you on your Newsfeed. The algorithm looks at many factors and comes up with a ranking score before it's displayed on your newsfeed. In short, it looks for 'Meaningful Content' that resonates with the user.
As we all know, organic reach for Business Pages have seen a steady drop and the only way you can get more reach is through paying for 'Sponsored Posts' to ensure your content gets shown on users Newsfeed.

Question: If I have to pay to show my ads to my audience, does that mean the more I spend, the more enquiries I will get?

Answer: Not quite true. Facebook advertising works very well if you have everything in place. But if you are just going to increase your budget without everything in place, you are just going to get disappointed. You need to understand that with Facebook Advertising, the most important factor is your Target Audience. All other things come secondary. Get your Target Audience right and you will see your cost per ad come down.

For example, if you have a property that you are trying to sell, try to think who it will appeal to the most? Most advertisers think, "I want to target everyone!" but the correct approach should be, "What type of audience will like this property?" Just to draw some examples, a young couple or young family will look at properties that are near to schools, business hubs, shops, etc for convenience, whereas those looking to retire will have different requirements such as quiet environment, scenic views, etc. You need to build your audience persona first before even looking at creating your advertisements.

Question: I use the Boost Post function all the time because it's affordable and I get some enquiries. How else can I create more awareness of my Page?

Answer: While the Boost Post button is easy and convenient to use, we have to tell you to stop using it. Yes, stop using the Boost Post button because there is a much better way through Ad Manager.

As for getting more engagement, you should consider 'Not Selling'. We know you are in the business of real estate, but not every post has to be about selling. Use the concept of "Give to Get". You can follow the principal of giving 3 things to your audience before asking for anything in return.  You can post 3 articles, or URL Links about things that relate to property buying/selling or even how mortgages work before you post your listing. Your audience may be looking for some information that you are providing and you will stand out among the sea of 'buy from me' agents that they see on Facebook.

You can also throw in some testimonials from people who have bought or sold properties through you. A good testimonial from a prospect's friend means more than all the good things you can write about yourself, so try to ask your clients politely if they would like to leave you with a testimonial. It doesn't hurt to ask.

You should also familarise yourself with Facebook Insights to know what type of posts garner the most engagement and when's the best time to post on your Page. You can use the data here to help you build your Audience Persona as mentioned above.

Above all, don't be afraid to experiment and try out new things on your Page and treat your audience with respect to build up your reputation. You're in this for the long haul, so dig in deep and get working!

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