How to 'Spy' on another FB Page

In an effort to increase accountability and transparency of Pages, Facebook is showing more information about Pages and the people who manage them in the Page Transparency section on Pages, which formerly appeared on the Info and Ads tab. This information is also visible when viewing a Page in the Ad Library.

Here, we're using Toyota USA as our sample.
FBook Mastery - Toyota USA Facebook page

To get to the Page Transparency feature, scroll down until you see it on your right column and click on See More.
FBook Mastery -Toyota USA Facebook page transparency

At the pop-up page, you can see when the Page was created and if there has been a name change or merge since the Page was started. You can also see how many people are managing the Page at the moment.

Scroll down and you can see Ads from this Page. Click on Go to Ad Library.
FBook Mastery

In this example, we can view the details on when the page was created under Page transparency and there's even a column to disclose on how much was spent on ads related to social issues, elections or politics. Do note that if the Page you are 'spying' on is not currently running ads, you will still be able to see the information at the top but you won't be able to see any ads.
toyota usa fb page info

In our example, we can see the various ads that are running at the moment from Toyota USA and their various versions of their ads targeted at different audiences.
ads from toyota usa

To see the ad up close, click on See ad details.
toyota usa advert

You can now see more details about the advertisement.
toyota usa ad detail

Using Facebook marketing, you can learn what strategies your competitors are using to promote their service, keep their fans engaged, and even win over your market share. The best part is, most of your competitors don't even know about this tool to 'spy' on other Pages.

You can actually learn a lot about the strategies that other companies employ and improve your own marketing efforts at the same time.