How to Create an Event for your Page

FBook Mastery - how to create an event

Here are the steps involved in creating an Event for your Business Page.

From your Facebook Page, go to Events on your left navigation panel:

FBook Mastery - how to create an event

Click on Events > +Create Event

You will see a 'pop-up' window for your New Event as below:

FBook Mastery - how to create an event

Follow the steps listed to set up your first event!

A - Event photo or video
You can use a Photo or Video to promote your event. For the best results, choose a photo or video with an aspect ratio of 1:9:1 or which is 1,200 x 628 pixels. The recommended video length is between 30 seconds and the maximum 5 minutes.

B - Event name
Enter your event name (be as creative as you can, to stand out!), you have a 64 letter cap. Make your event name easy to read by using standard capitalisation and common characters.

C -  Location
Start typing your location name or address and if it's been indexed by Facebook, it will show up. If the location doesn't show up, make sure your given address is accurate so that guests know where to go.

D - Description
Here's where you 'sell' your event to your guests. Tell them why they should come and what they can expect at the event. Again, make it easy to understand and focus on a few unique points instead of giving them a whole paragraph to read.

E- Category
Select from the drop-down menu which category your event falls under.

We're not done yet... Click on the scroll down button on the bottom right.

FBook Mastery - how to create an event

F - Frequency
Choose from the drop-down menu whether it occurs once or whether it repeats and how often it repeats.
Note - This feature is only available for Business Pages.

G - Start Date & Time
Set the start date and event time

H - End Date & Time
Set the date and event end time

I - Co-hosts
You can add other co-hosts of your event such as friends, Pages, artists, sponsors to help spread the word. They'll have editing privileges and can add it to their calendars as well as promote it to their followers.

J - Schedule
You can add a detailed schedule such as a programme run down of the event for your guests to see.

K- Keywords
Add keywords that describe your event so it can be better recommended to people who are interested in that topic.

L- Child-friendly
Let guest know if your event is suitable for children.

We're not done yet... Click on the scroll down button on the bottom right.

FBook Mastery - how to create an event

M - Messaging
Turn this option on if you want to let people ask you question over Messenger about your event.

N - Tickets
If you are selling or giving tickets to your event on your website, you need to let people know which url they can reach your ticketing website.

O - Options
Choose who can edit and post in your event.

P - Guest list
Untick this option if you don't want guests to see who else is attending among their friends. This option is ticked by default.

Now, after all that, you are finally ready to click on Publish and set your Event on your Business Page.

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