How to Create a Saved Audience for your Ad Campaign

Navigate to your Business Manager account and click on the ☰ menu icon. Click on Audience Insights:

From the pop-up window, choose Everyone on Facebook:

The default country is United States, so you can remove it and add in the location of your choice. Facebook will also show a tooltip box to guide you along:

In the example below, we have chosen Singapore as the Location. We have also set the Age to be between 18 - 32 and Gender as All. Next comes setting the Interests. Here is where you will build up your Audience Persona. There is no right or wrong, it's all a matter of how wide or narrow you want to target your selected audience. Bear in mind that the more interests you key in will result in a smaller overall targetted audience. You can create as many Audiences as you require for your Ad campaign:

Once you are ready, click on Save:

Give your audience a name that you can easily identify. For example, SG 18-32 Fashion or you can create your own naming convention. The key thing is, you need to know which audience you want to target when you are running your ads later on.

That's all there is to it. You can create different variations of your audience with different interests, gender, age, connections, and more. And when you find an audience that works best for your ads, that would be your ideal audience persona.