FB Hack! Invite those who Like your Posts to Like your Page.

In the midst of sharing content on our Facebook Page, our Posts may reach a spectrum of audience that likes or reacts to the post who are not our Page Fans yet. This can happen if someone shares the post on their timeline or in some groups and people who are not your fans may end up reacting to it.

This is great news for any administrator as it shows that our Posts are reaching out beyond our Business Page and here's your best chance to convert these readers to be your fans... for free!

To access this feature, locate the hyperlink underneath the each post that shows how many people have liked it and the number of comments.
people who reacted to post

Next, click directly on that link (works for both desktop and mobile).

That will bring up the full list of people who have liked the post.
invite people to like page
On the right hand side of the pop-up menu it’ll show which people currently like your page or not. If they don’t, you can quickly invite them to Like your page directly within that list. Done!

This hacks also works for Facebook ads and boosted posts, so keep that in mind.

If you employ this method, you will see your fan base grow at greater speed but do note that speed is of the essence as the faster you send the invite, the higher chances of success as they will still remember that they have Liked/Reacted to your post. Wait too many days and these readers would have likely forgotten all about it and think you are trying to spam them. Such is the fickle nature of social media users.

You will also have to accept that not everyone that you invite will respond, and every Like you get for your Page should be considered an extra bonus!