Facebook is redesigning pages so it’s easier to interact with local businesses

Facebook announced a series of visual changes and feature tweaks to the layout of business pages on the mobile version of its social network to make them easier to interact with.

Facebook is revamping the way businesses appear on its mobile platform. Facebook said it's redesigning the Pages for about 80 million small businesses on its smartphone app.

The redesign will appear differently based on each category in the local business section. Facebook is starting with Pages for restaurants, local services and TV shows, with other custom designs coming for other Pages in the future.

Now, utilities will be featured front and center on the page, enabling users to interact with businesses more easily, such as making a reservation at a restaurant or booking a spa appointment.

"Inside the Facebook app there's no easy way to discover new businesses," Alex Himel, Facebook's vice president of Local, told TechCrunch.

"The focus here is to make it easy to discover new businesses which we think any business will be excited about."

It'll also help consumers obtain more information about events and promotions the company is offering, as well as photos of the business.

As part of the change, Facebook is adding related Pages to point users in the direction of other local businesses.

This new business Page redesign could give small businesses more incentive to market, engage with audiences, and conduct transactions on the platform.
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