Dos & Don'ts for Insurance Agents on Facebook

FBook Mastery - Dos & Don'ts for Insurance Agents on Facebook
So, you've taken the leap and created a Business Page for your insurance business. You've created a few posts and maybe even dipped your toes by buying some ads and waiting to close on your prospects. But then you look at your Page and there's hardly anyone engaging with you and worse still, no one is contacting you at all!

Don't panic, creating an online presence is not a short term job. In fact, you need to have a long term roadmap and the patience to work it well. After all, you need to remember that you are not the only one on Facebook. Every other agent is vying for the same audience as you but there are some Dos and Don'ts that can help you get ahead...
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DO: Deliver quality content

FBook Mastery - get their whyQuality content in this case is what matters to your prospects. You must always remember that no one wants to buy insurance, unless you can answer their 'why'. Your posts can be informative, helpful, or educational instead of salesy. Most consumers have no idea what kind of insurance they might have purchased over the years. They only know vaguely that "I have insurance" and that's about it.

You could craft a post about the differences of life, personal accident, term and investment insurance. Show them the differences and help them understand which one will serve their needs the best. For example, a single person will be looking at different coverage as compared to a young parent or those looking to plan for their retirement.

When you can show your prospects the different ways you can help protect their most valuable assets and family, they are more open to reaching out to you instead of someone who's only interested to sell them the latest product.

Here are a few good content ideas:

  • Do short videos where you explain the main point of a particular policy coverage. Your objective is to get them interested enough, not give them a 2 hour explainer video.
  • Work out some investment figures to visualise how much your prospect can stand to gain after say 10 years. Or show them official charts and projected investment figures.
  • Show them how easy it is to claim on their policies with a step-by-step guide
  • Showcase claims you may have helped your clients previously so that they know they can rely on you
  • Compile a list of FAQs from all your previous prospects
  • Educational posts such as "things to consider when buying your first home" or "what to do in an emergency"
You are looking to drive more engagement by providing the content your prospects are looking for so that you can foster more trust and potentially gain more referrals.
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DON’T: Sell

Many insurance agents post about the latest insurance product or the best savings plan or the best personal accident policy. That's one of the biggest mistake an insurance agent can make on Facebook. To your future prospect, all they ever see is every other insurance agent claiming their product to be the best and no one is answering their 'why'.

Everyone knows the importance of insurance as it gives us the peace of mind that we all need... but no one wants to buy it! As an insurance agent, you're pretty familar with your prospect's first response, "Nope, I have enough insurance!" or "No, I don't have the funds for insurance at this time!"

That's a normal reaction when someone tries to sell us something. In fact, if someone tried to sell you something, you're first reaction is probably "No thanks, I don't need that." It's a very common rejection tactic.

If you stop and think about it, most people reject you because they have not seen the VALUE or WHY of what you are proposing. So, STOP SELLING on Facebook!

FBook Mastery - testimonialsDO: Use testimonials

In insurance, trust is a very powerful factor. When you use real life stories, videos and photos, you humanise your approach and other prospects will trust you more than your competitor. In fact, your client's circle of friends will be much easier to approach as they will have a higher level of trust in you.

Always try to get a positive feedback from your clients. Do not shy away from asking them to just say a few words in front of your mobile phone. It doesn't have to be scripted and in fact, the more 'real' it is, the higher the belief level. However, do not pester you client if they are unwilling to do it.

FBook Mastery - FB Likes

DON’T: Worry about Likes and Follows

While it may be great for the ego to have a few thousand 'likes' on your Page, remember that the Likes or Followers does not translate into sales. It's actually very easy to boost up your Likes by running a few ads, but if you focus on that, you will be terribly disappointed.

Instead, you need to know how to measure the ROI for all your efforts. Track how many leads have been generated through your ads and whether you've started to build your funnel through engagement or even cross-sell through your referral list. Your ultimate aim is to convert all the activity and engagement on your Page into leads that you can close your sale on, so get your priorities correct and you'll find that your Page is an investment worth your time and effort.
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