6 Tips to Double Your Real Estate Sales on Facebook!

FBook Mastery - 6 Tips to Double Your Real Estate Sales on Facebook!
Do you know that Facebook is one of the best places to sell property or real estate?

You can make use of location, demographics and interests to target potential buyers and close that sale. It's a much easier way than putting up expensive banners, billboards and signs in the hopes that someone will call you.
But is it a case of easier said than done? It sometimes does feel that way as it seems like every property agent in town is also advertising on Facebook, doesn't it?

Fret not as you can use these 6 tips to ensure you stand out from the competition and drive your message across.

1. Give a Live Tour

FBook Mastery - Go Live
When you go Live, Facebook sends out prompts to users to check out your Live broadcast, so you get a lot more organic traffic compared to regular posts. A live video gives your potential buyers a much better understanding of the layout of the house, size and even condition. You build more trust as live videos are more 'authentic' than photos which can be manipulated. The biggest advantage is you will stand out among your competitors as most property agents take the standard approach of listing their property with some photos, short description and their contact. With a Live video, you can inject your personality and energy that a regular post can't.

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2. Highlight one or two Unique Selling Points

It seems like every ad about property is location, location and location. Your potential buyer has probably seen many ads before yours, so if you are also talking about the same thing that every other agent is, you just fade into the background. You need to identify one or two unique selling point of your property and use that to your advantage. For example, you could highlight things like 'Easy Bank Loan Approval' in your headline or 'Fully Furnished Homes'. Most agents make the mistake of cramming in too many points in an advert and that sometimes makes it less credible.

FBook Mastery - Survival guide for Real Estate agents

FBook Mastery - Real Estate tips3. Show how you Solve your Customer's Problem

You can use a testimonial or story about how you managed to help a seller with his property. Or it could be how you helped a newlywed to find their newly purchased house and assisted them with the necessary paperwork along the way. You build credibility and trust and you might even get a referral from your customer's network once your story goes out.

4. Be Bold with Numbers

Homebuyers and sellers are always looking for the best deals all the time. If you are confident enough, you can always put it in your ad. For example, 50% commission refund will definitely be an attractive proposition to any buyer or seller. People are always looking out for their personal benefit, so this will work very well.

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5. Be an Advisor, not a Salesman

For first time home buyers, the whole process is a very stressful time and they are often confused or unsure. If you can come across as someone that can help them with their choices and provide help and knowledge along the way, you have a much higher chance to convert them into your customers. If all you focus on is selling, you may lose out on these customers.

6. The Difference a Day Makes

FBook Mastery - 6 tips to double your real estate sales
Most property listings tend to show images taken in the day, so what better to stand out from the rest by having your property taken at different times of the day? For example, you can show an evening photo mixed in with the day time shots to give your potential buyers a feeling of how the property looks. You may think it's not a big thing but for the buyer who's looking at hundreds of photos in a day, your evening images will stand out at the end of the day.

When it comes to standing out from the crowd, you need to think out of the box and try something different. Of course, there are many more things you can try and experiment with but we believe that if you try any of the 6 tips above, you will see a difference against the sea of ads that just post pictures and call it a day. At the end of the day, your personality and customer service will still need to shine through to close that sale.