3 Quick Tips To Drive More Insurance Leads

FBook Mastery - 3 Quick Tips To Drive More Insurance Leads
While social media is great for marketing your services, for some industries, the human 'interaction' is still very important and in some cases, can make or break the sale. For insurance agents, this human interaction is amplified by the need of customers needing someone to talk or consult with. Buying insurance is very different from buying a physical product and most potential clients have a ton of questions that need answering and the best way is still a face-to-face meeting.

There’s often a lot for clients to consider when buying insurance. All their needs are unique and often, the best way to get assurance will be to ask an agent before making a financial commitment. It's also one of the ways your clients will 'judge' you based on how knowledgeable you are and how well you know your products.

Different clients will require different approaches. For example, for some who are very meticulous with details, you may need to go through all the various calculations and different scenarios as well as the difference between your product and your competitor. The more facts and details you can provide, the easier it will be for them to make a decision.

On the other hand, some clients are more interested in the level of protection or benefits, so you should show them the bigger picture and not bore them with all the details.

Most insurance shoppers research online first but they still prefer to buy from a person because conversation matters. With that in mind, your objective when advertising online is to acquire more calls or contacts.

Tip 1 - Find Potential Customers More Likely to Call You

Right now, mobile users far outrank desktop users for Facebook, so you need to make sure your ads, posts and conversations are mobile-friendly. Make sure your ads or even your Page has the Call-To-Action (CTA) set up correctly. Once a potential customer sees your ad, he or she can just tap on the button to call or WhatsApp you direct.

If you set up your Custom Audience correctly, you can also target those that have interacted with your past ads or your Page. These are considered as 'warm' audiences that have shown some interest previously, so set up your ad to take advantage of this fact. Retarget them in your next campaign and track if the calls or enquiries start adding up.

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Tip 2 - Go Local

While the reach of Facebook is global, you don't really need to be answering queries from a foreign country or even across your own country. Most smartphone users expect their agents to be within 10km of them and won't bother to contact someone from another state. They want an agent that they can contact easily and be able to meet with them, sometimes at a moment's notice. So do make sure your Business Page is filled up properly with your address and contact number. You could also run a Local Awareness ad, these are very affordable and can increase your awareness quite easily as well as get you those calls. Set up life events ads; target those who just had a child to upgrade their life insurance ads. Or simply target audiences that are looking at insurance-related pages or similar interests.

Tip 3 - Spark Their Interest

You need to create messages that get them thinking about insurance. You need to spark their interest without coming across as too 'salesy'. Instead of putting the latest product on your Post, craft a Post that resonates with them. Instead of telling them education will be expensive for their newborn child, create a Post that shows how much cash they need to fork out when it's time for college. That would create an impact and get them to think.

You will also need to learn how tell stories - stories have better connections with your audience and you can drive more engagement in the long run as well. You could perhaps use a real-life example story of your past clients to share with your customers. They may well be on the same boat and start to reflect on what they should do in the same situation.

You should always remain professional and understated through it all. No one likes an insurance agent that is brash or rude. You must always remember that your clients are not in the insurance industry, so they will always have a lot of questions, so never treat them condescendingly.

At the end of the day, YOU are still the most important factor in deciding the success of your insurance business. Facebook Marketing is just an effective tool that can get your message across to more people quickly.